SNEB Annual Conference

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Saturday, July 25, 2015
FNEE Workshop: The Gluten-Free Craze & Sodium-Potassium-Blood Pressure

JNEB Workshop: Introduction to Qualitative Methods | Resources

Parade of Nations Recipes and Descriptions


Sunday, July 26, 2015

Keynote Address-Creativity and Innovation in Nutrition Education: Make It Real |   Slides | Pattern Pages

JNEB Best Article and Best GEM Award Presentation

Oral Abstracts: O1 - O4 Policy, Systems, and Environments | O1 Henry | O5 - O8 Technology

Searching for Parental Strategies that Promote Self- Regulated Intake of Treats - Lunch sponsored by the National Confectioners Association

George M. Briggs Nutrition Science Symposium: 2015 Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee Presents Scientific Advisory Report | Slides

Creative and Culturally Appropriate Methods to Promote Nutrition Education in Diverse Populations | Mehta | Cunningham-Sabo | Rodriguez | Williams-Forson

Couch Potato to Active Artichoke: The Science and Application of Increasing Physical Activity | Slides

Talk the Talk and Walk the Walk: Understanding and Engaging Teachers in Nutrition Education | Handout | Slides

SNEB Talks | Shaykis


Monday, July 27, 2015

Beyond Borders: Collaboration, Standardization, and Maximization in Nutrition Education | Ballam

Mobile and Wireless Approaches to Dietary Behavior Change: What Is the Evidence and Where Do We Go from Here?” | Hingle

Oral Abstracts: O9-O12 Scholarship of Teaching and Learning | O12 Frank | O13-O16 Schools

Explore Creative Approaches to Nutrition Education from the Team Nutrition Initiative!

USDA Research Agencies: Funding Opportunities for Nutrition Research, Education, and Extension Programs

Elevating SNEB and Our Nutrition Expertise through Communication and Education | Peralta

SNEB Business Meeting and Awards Presentation |Annual Report | Agenda

Public Policy Plenary: Collective Impact: Using Program Outcomes to Influence Policy and Programs | Mora | Foerster & Bebo |


Tuesday, July 28, 2015

USDA Highlights from the NIFA Childhood Obesity Prevention Program | Session 1 | Session 2 Lopes | Session 3: Taylor

Nutrition Education Competencies: Who, What, Why, and How | Handout | Handout

Get Fruved! Building an Innovative Intervention Using Student’s Creativity and Passion

Conversations with USDA

The Art and Science of Social Media: Effectively Promoting the Voice of Nutrition Experts on the Internet | Slides

Professional Skills Building for Students and Young Educators and Researchers

USDA Poster Abstracts #NP1-#NP56 | #FP1-#FP18 | Poster Image Gallery

The Power of Nudges: Making the Healthy Choice the Easy Choice | Slides | Answer Sheet

Food Justice: Looking Back, Looking Forward | McCullum-Gomez | Resource List | Jones-Hughes | Banana Resources

Creativity Boot Camp: FoodPlay – Making Good Eating Great Fun! Video 1 | Video 2 | 10 Strategies | Creativity Quotes | Approaches

Changing the Health Trajectory for Older Adults Through Effective Diet and Activity Modifications | Intro

Evaluating the MyPlate Communication Initiative: Evidence to Date and a Call for Crowdsourcing | Slides

Bee Marks Communications Symposium: Don’t Lose the Message in the Science: Thoughtful Nutrition Education Communication the Consumers Will Understand and Use!

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